Achieving a zero inbox might sound like an unattainable dream for some, but in reality, it’s a manageable feat that can significantly boost your productivity and reduce stress. The key lies in developing a strategic approach to managing your emails. In this blog post, we will share six essential tips to help you reach that elusive state of Inbox Zero.

Change Your Mindset: Inbox as a Processing Location

The first and most crucial step towards achieving Inbox Zero is to change your mindset. Think of your inbox as a processing location rather than an actioning location. It’s not a place to store your to-do list. The purpose of your inbox is to receive and sort incoming emails, not to leave them there indefinitely. By shifting your mindset, you’ll be more inclined to take action rather than procrastinate.

Don’t “Check” Your Inbox; “Action” It

A common mistake people make is simply checking their inbox and moving on. Instead, adopt an “action” mentality. When you open an email, decide on the next steps immediately. If a response will take less than 30 seconds, answer it right away and then archive the email.

Quick Responses: Less Than 30 Seconds

For those emails that require a response lasting less than 30 seconds, address them promptly. Quick replies can be handled immediately, followed by archiving the email. This simple practice will help clear your inbox of small tasks, making it more manageable.

Longer Responses: Delegate or Schedule

If an email requires a longer response, don’t let it linger in your inbox. Avoid marking it as unread or flagging it as a to-do task, as this can create clutter and overwhelm. Instead, transfer the email’s content or task to your preferred task management tool and allocate a specific time to address it. This approach keeps your inbox clean while ensuring you don’t forget important tasks.

Tackle Newsletter and Spam

Newsletter subscriptions and spam emails can quickly pile up in your inbox, adding unnecessary clutter. Take the time to unsubscribe from newsletters you no longer find valuable and delete spam emails. Regularly cleaning out these types of messages will help prevent your inbox from becoming overwhelming.

Trust Your Archive Folder

Many people fear archiving their emails, thinking that they will lose important information. In reality, archiving is your best friend in achieving Inbox Zero. Archiving doesn’t delete emails; it simply moves them out of your inbox and into an organized folder. You can always use the search function to locate specific emails when needed. Trust that your archived emails are safely stored and can be easily retrieved.

Store Important Information

When you come across emails containing important information, attachments, or documents, don’t clutter your inbox with them. Instead, store these items in your designated storage place, whether it’s a dedicated folder in your email system or an external document management tool. This practice keeps your inbox streamlined and your important information readily accessible.


Achieving Inbox Zero is not an insurmountable task. By following these simple yet effective tips, you can transform your email management habits and free yourself from the overwhelming burden of an overflowing inbox. Remember that the goal is not just to have an empty inbox but to maintain a system that allows you to stay organized, efficient, and stress-free in the long run. With the right mindset and proactive strategies, you can make Inbox Zero a reality.