What Time Assist is all about


Our mission at Time Assist is to empower small businesses by providing expert business systems consultancy, enabling them to systemise and streamline their processes. Through our innovative solutions and dedicated support, we aim to free up valuable time for entrepreneurs, allowing them to focus on driving sustainable business growth.


Our vision is to revolutionise the way small businesses operate by becoming the go-to partner for process optimisation. We aspire to be recognised as the driving force behind the transformation of small businesses into efficient, agile, and growth-oriented enterprises. Through our expertise and commitment, we envision a future where every small business can effortlessly harness their potential for success.

Jaanika Okk

Introducing Jaanika, the driving force behind Time Assist, a venture that took root in the midst of the 2020 pandemic. With a clear goal in mind – aiding small businesses in navigating their day-to-day administrative tasks.

As time progressed, Jaanika identified a key avenue for businesses to ease their administrative burdens: the realm of process optimisation and systemisation. Yet, amidst the hustle of daily operations and client commitments, businesses often found it a challenge to kickstart this transformative process.

This is where the implementation of Mini-Audits for businesses. These audits serve as a guiding compass, shedding light on pathways to streamline processes and enhance systemisation. From foundational tasks like contact management, right through to task structuring and effective data storage, Jaanika’s approach revolutionises business operations.

With an extensive background in project management within the creative industries, Jaanika boasts an impressive track record spanning over 15 years. Her expertise truly shines in the realm of online business systems evaluation and the development of actionable plans tailored to amplify productivity. With Jaanika steering the ship, businesses unlock the potential of streamlined processes, charting a course towards heightened efficiency and resounding success.