Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

This morning, I would like to give a big shout-out to this lovely lady…  Jaanika Okk. Jaanika specialises in streamlining your systems and processes so that they do the hard work for you. That might be more automations, systems that work more efficiently (even if they still require human input), or defining and documenting your processes so anyone in the team can do them and the outcome is the same.

The result of all that? It saves you time. It’s easier to find something when you need it. Everyone knows what they’re doing and does it in a more standardised way. But for me, probably most importantly, it helps you to feel more in control, which then impacts how you tackle everything else.

And  Jaanika is incredible at doing this! I’ve been working with her for a little while, but recently on a specific project related to the Pop-Up Wellness Festivals I am organising. I want to run multiple events this year. I’m trialling different themes to find out if they work and whether there is an appetite for them. But for each event there is a whole heap of behind the scenes work to do. And I’m doing all of that amongst a part time job, as well as seeing my coaching and physio clients.

I needed my systems and processes to help me. To work for me. For me to be able to do everything I needed in the run up to one event whilst prepping, organising and marketing the next one.

Jaanika has been absolutely brilliant at helping me with this. It’s still a work in progress but we are well on the way to creating a system and series of processes that allow me to keep a handle on my tasks for each week whilst still managing everything else. So a huge thank you to you Jaanika 🙏💖☺️

Jo Plimmer

Wood and the Trees Coaching

I would like to thank Jaanika Okk of Time Assist Ltd for her excellent support and advice during a review of my business processes and systems in June 2022.

Jaanika took the time to understand my business and, following a full systems audit, she identified several processes within my business that could be improved. I asked Jaanika to implement her recommendations and was delighted with the results.

Jaanika and her team had built several new systems and copied across all business information and client data which ensured I was able to make a seamless transition from my current systems to the new ones.

Jaanika provided ongoing support during this transition period so I knew help was at hand if it was needed, however this was not needed because everything worked exactly as expected from the start.

It has been a pleasure to work with Jaanika and her team and I highly recommend Time Assist for all your business support needs.

John Kane

Asset Wealth Protection

I reached out to Time Assist because I was overwhelmed and felt like I was drowning in the admin of running my business so spending less time working on my business.

Time Assist showed me simple systems and tasks that make life simpler and give me time to work on the business I love. 

I found working with Time Assist EASY! I felt Jaanika took the time to find out about my business, and the obstacles I was facing and offered a few suggestions that may alleviate the pressure I was putting myself under. 

As a result of the work that Time Assist did, I feel like I am back in control and the simple tasks I now implement have given me back time and breathing space.

Carrie Bacciocchi

Save Your Money Honey

Absolutely brilliant! I am so glad I was able to work with Jaanika in assisting me with my business. She took the time to understand my business, how I worked, and where my time was spent.

She then created solutions to run the administrative side of my business allowing me to use my time far more effectively. I am so grateful to her for tailoring a solution to me and for taking the time to walk me through the new systems and how to use them.

I thoroughly recommend Time Assist Ltd for any business owner who cares where their time goes each day.

Thank you, Jaanika!

John Paget

John Paget Vocals

I had an admin review with Time Assist and I found the insights to be valuable in improving my time management and service provided excellent.

Highly recommended if you are looking to analyse your admin tasks, streamline them and have solutions to work with.

Steven Prime

Esquires Coffee

I reached out to Time Assist, because I wanted to reduce the burden of data input and release time for more talks. Time Assist helped with  discussing the issues and offered very useful suggestions. I found working with Time Assist f riendly, thoughtful and helpful. I’m currently working towards suggested improvements.

Guy Willcock

The Leprosy Mission

I reached out to Time Assist, because I assistance with streaming my business. Time Assist assessed our current processes and advised in new working practices. I found working with Time Assist a fantastic experience. We had a very thorough discussion which was both helpful and insightful. The discussion gave me the confidence to know that I am on the right track.

Sanchia Miller 

Miller and Vincent Properties Limited

I reached out to Time Assist, because I I wanted to gain clarity on how to implement systems to increase efficiency. I had a consultation call with Time Assist and the experience was seamless.  The consultation call has allowed me to gain more trust in the services offered by Time Assist. I am now aware of the of the different systems out there which can support streamline our processes.

Kwame Boateng

Ingrained Oil

Jaanika’s pitch at the Acclerator hub convinced me that I needed to speak with her and understand areas of my business both now and in the future that needs additional focus. I had a  free 1 hour mini audit with Time Assist. Excellent very good hour helped me answer some of the questions I had with regard to systems that need attention. I am currently now starting to list some of the points discussed in my mini audit.

Lee Ridgway

Dry Steam Demon

I reached out to Jaanika for a mini-audit after meeting her at a networking event. Very glad I did. Lots of very good ideas, concepts and tools that have had an immediate impact; helping me save time and create more effective processes. If you feel your day-to-day business systems and admin are not as quick and simply as you’d like, get in touch and set-up a chat. A great investment of your time!

Tom Mallens

Sandler Training

I reached out to Time Assist because I wanted to see where we could improve processes and save time within the business. I was provided with a Mini Audit, where Jaanika, went through the business needs and processes to assess how we can improve. I found working with Time Assist fantastic, really worth the time, I’ve gained some incredible new processes to save our business time and money. The work has added tremendous value to my business and allowed me to increase productivity, reduce unwanted distraction, simplify processes and gain more time back, which is incredibly valuable.

Rudy Heywood

Famous Wolf Group

I reached out to Time Assist because I needed help to upload my contacts in to a new CRM system. I had a lack of time to do this myself so used time assist to help with this. I found working with Time Assist very reliable, efficient and coast effective. Completed all the work to the time stated and to a great high standard.  Working with Time Assist has been great and a real benefit to how I work and allowed me to have all my contacts in one central place. Has allowed me to streamline my processes and have all data in one place. I just need to get better at using the processes now.

Anna Cosgrove

Arc Inspirations