Are you doing EVERYTHING in your business? Are you doing business development, finances, admin, making coffee oh, and yes, also actually producing what you have set up your business to do.

No wonder you feel overwhelmed.

However, figuring out what you need to outsource is not easy, because nobody can do any parts of your business as well as you can, right?

The easiest way to get some clearance in your head is to make a list. Write down everything that you do in your business. Don’t think about priority order. Just do everything and try to be as specific as possible. Don’t just say ‘sort out admin’. Go into details in terms of what exactly you need to sort out. Is it answering e-mails? Is it following up after networking events? Is it keeping your CRM up to date with your business contacts? You see where I’m going with this.

Once you have completed this, grade each task with a number from 1 to 10. 1 being ‘even my or anyone’s five-year-old can do it’ and 10 being ‘only I can do it because of my knowledge, expertise, and experience’. Outsource everything that you have graded under 7.

Don’t worry, I’m not saying to start outsourcing right away! Your business might not need it at the moment or perhaps you are not in the position to do that. However, you will have a goal to aim for. And everything you do from now onwards is focused your aim on those things that only you can do and start looking at ways how you can outsource all the other things.

So what is the first thing that you are constantly doing, but graded as ‘one’ (there is bound to be one like that).