If you’re anything like us, you’ll wake up and check your emails before checking out Facebook and LinkedIn. Have you ever wondered how much time this takes? Deleting all the sales emails, the spam that’s got through your filter, and the newsletters from that company you spoke to once in 2014?

15 minutes of this per day, doesn’t sound like a lot. But overall, it equates to 65 hours per year. And that’s just ONE admin task.

With that 15 minutes back, what would you do? Have an extra 15 minutes sleep? Go downstairs, grab a cuppa and plan your day? Or maybe you could sit down and have breakfast with the kids before they go to school?

So how do you fix this? Well, initially it will take a bit of time. No more than 30 minutes though. The fix is simple: look at all the unopened emails in your trash. Open each one and do one of two things:

1.      Unsubscribe
2.      Mark as spam

You deleted them without reading them for a reason. You may as well not receive them at all. But once you’ve done this, you’ll be left with the emails you need to deal with and the occasional sales email that’s slipped through.

Now you can grab a cuppa and prepare for the day ahead without wasting the time dealing with unimportant things. Enjoy!