Living in a world filled with tasks and endless contacts, keeping things organised can feel like a mission impossible. But guess what? “Done is better than perfect” is the golden rule here. In this blog post, we’re diving into the nitty-gritty of why it’s crucial to have a chill system for managing your contacts and tasks. We’ll break it down into easy steps that anyone can follow, all while keeping it real and straightforward.

Why You Need a Go-To System

Let’s be real, having a single system to deal with all your contacts and tasks is a game-changer. Whether it’s a basic spreadsheet or some fancy app, having one spot to rule them all keeps things simple and consistent.

Just Start, Perfect Can Wait

Forget perfection, just dive in. Starting with a basic system, even if it’s just a simple spreadsheet, is the way to go. You can always jazz it up later. The key is to get moving and not get stuck in the endless quest for perfection.

Process Trumps Tools

Sure, tools are cool, but the real MVP is the process. It is important to understand how info flows—from input to processing and finally, output. Tools are helpers, but the process is the real star.

Easy Peasy Task and Contact Management

The advice? Keep it simple. A spreadsheet with different tabs for different tasks is like your superhero sidekick. Prioritize based on what matters to you, not what everyone else thinks is important.

Don’t Drown in Emails

Who hasn’t spent way too much time in their inbox? The key here is short, focused bursts of email management. Sort, prioritize, and move on. Don’t let your inbox be the boss of your day.

Keep Your Eyes on Your Goals

The transcript reminds us to focus on what matters most to us. Having a system in place means less mental clutter and more brainpower for the important stuff. It’s not just about logging info; it’s about creating a system that lets you focus on what truly matters.


In a world where time is a precious commodity, having a laid-back system for managing contacts and tasks is a game-changer. Prioritise process over tools, to start with a simple system, and to focus on what truly matters provides a roadmap for increased productivity without the stress. Remember, it’s not just about logging info—it’s about setting up a chill process that lets you concentrate on what truly matters. To kickstart your journey, grab a template here. Download it, embrace the power of ‘Done,’ and get ready to crush it with your newfound productivity.